Health Care Reform

Is Your Practice Ready for the Increased Demands of Health Care Reform?

Ready or not, health care reform is a reality. And as the updates to the health care system are being rolled out, things are going to be changing significantly for your medical practice. More patients are flooding into the system, and as a primary care physician, you’ll be charged with seeing more patients than ever before.

Simply put, it’s sink or swim time for your practice. If you aren’t set up to accommodate the increased patient flow, your practice could suffer. Patient satisfaction levels could decline, and your practice could suffer financial consequences.

How can your practice rise up and meet the demand?

Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners Help Your Practice Meet Increased Patient Demand

At Utilization Solutions, we believe Physician Assistants (PA’s) or Nurse Practitioner (NPs) are the perfect solution for filling the new demands soon to be placed on your practice. PA’s and NP’s have gone through strict medical training to ensure they’re flexible enough to handle a wide range of medical tasks. Whether you need another medical professional on hand to handle walk-in patients or to provide urgent care, your PA or NP can help.

And we can help make PA’s or NP’s work for you. Even if you’ve never worked with a PA or NP before, our consultants can help you utilize skilled health care professionals correctly to maximize your return on investment. From matching you with the right PA or NP, to answering all of your questions, to showing you how to use PA’s or NP’s for building continuous quality improvement in your primary care team, we do it all.

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Are You Ready to Discover How A PA or NP can Help Your Practice Adjust to Health Care Reform?

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