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Utilization Solutions is a full service healthcare consultant company with a detailed understanding of PA / NP rules and firsthand experience to help you use a PA or NP most effectively.

Utilization SolutionsAt Utilization Solutions, our tagline says it all “We Make PAs Work for You!” From matching you with the perfect Physician Assistants (PAs) for your practice to creating and implementing solutions for improving your practice’s efficiency and increasing its profitability, Utilization Solutions’ complete range of consulting services helps your practice grow on every level through the proper use of PAs.

Our company was founded in 2009 in North Carolina. We currently offer our services to practices and healthcare entities nationwide and beyond. Because we have experience both working as PAs and as practice owners, we’re able to better understand the challenges your practice is facing. We work with our team to address your project needs. Our clients appreciate this unique insight into the industry and the solutions it allows us to create.

How can Midlevel Providers make your practice even better?

At Utilization Solutions, we make PAs and NPs work for you. Our expert consultants can work with you to help your practice grow on every level through the proper use of physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners. Whether you already have a PA and are looking to improve midlevel reimbursements, or you need help recruiting the right PA for your practice, our medical practice consultants can help. We can do this because we have firsthand experience as practicing PAs and as practice owners, so we understand the PA and NP rules, and the many challenges facing your practice. Few other healthcare consultants offer such diverse experience.

Medical Practice Consulting Services

Utilization Solutions offers a wide range of services to help your practice grow on every level through the proper use of Physician Assistants (PAs). If you’re looking to increase profits, achieve higher patient satisfaction levels, need assistance with incident to billing, or just reduce your workload by using a physician extender, we can help.

Our base packages can be previewed by clicking here. They can be tweaked according to your needs.

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