How Entrepreneurial Nurses Can Help With the Chronically Ill

Chronically ill patients can benefit from having full-time nursing for care at home or in a hospital. Many people who are chronically ill need regular administering of medications. Nurses can administer medications and keep doctors updated of patients’ progress. Many insurances and Medicare will cover nurses for home healthcare. For this reason, the practice is becoming more popular. Let’s take a look at how the chronically ill, such as those with cancer, can benefit from having nurses help.

Importance of Nursing of Chronically Ill Patients

Many studies have shown that patients in good spirits will heal faster than those who mentally are bogged down with worry and fear. For some people, this means leaving a hospital setting to heal in the comfort and privacy of their own homes to be happier. Equipment can be delivered to the homes of the chronically ill, and nurses can be brought in to monitor the patients. Traveling or entrepreneurial nurses are commonly hired to care for the chronically ill. Here are some benefits of nursing of chronically ill patients:


Home care nursing allows caregivers and families to form relationships. With long-term relationships between nurses and patients, more focused care can be provided. Patients do not need to re-adapt to a new nurse every day. The same nurse or nurses will visit periodically.

Inform of Financial Assistance Available

Nurses can inform patients of the resources available from public aid and private aid for cancer treatments. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Medicare and Medicaid all offer help to people who need a nurse to help at home. Most patients have to pay up front for hospice services and later; they can be reimbursed for the services. Many cancer patients are eligible for Medicare if they are disabled and under the age of 65.

Help Patients Cope

Patients can cope with their cancer diagnosis with the help of nurses. They are trained to answer end-of-life questions. Nurses make recommendations to patients about how to improve their quality of life and improve their outlook. Though they are not therapists, they have helped many people with chronic illnesses and can make recommendations.

Consider Hiring Nurses for Chronically Ill Patients   

Hiring nurses can help educate patients and administer medications on a consistent basis. Investing in home hospice and nurses can change the way patients recover. Contact the National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC) for recommendations of nurses who care for the chronically ill.
Find a healthcare provider like a RN whether you may be dealing with your breast cancer chemotherapy or struggling through your mesothelioma treatment. Get on the road to mentally and emotionally fighting your disease and find a trusted professional who cares and can help. Stay in the fight and ever give up hope.


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