How Surgeons Use Physician Assistants

Surgical Physician Assistants fulfill a need that can help you, the surgeon, see more patients, improve patient satisfaction levels, and make more money. Surgeons all across the country are using PAs and NPs to:

  • Participate in outpatient clinic and office practice
  • Perform pre-op consults
  • Assist during surgery
  • Conduct post-op follow up
  • Deliver PACU/SICU/Stepdown care
  • Answer patient’s questions

The right PAs and NPs can change everything for your practice. They can make patients happier and give you more time to focus on your job as a surgeon.

The American Association of Surgical Physician Assistants (AASPA) estimates that 50% of new PA grads enter a surgical field.  According to AAPA – 25% of practicing PAs list surgery as a subspecialty. Qualified candidates are out there and ready to help your practice.

How Utilization Solutions Can Help

At Utilization Solutions, we offer a full range of consulting and recruiting services to help surgeons maximize the benefits of PAs and NPs for their practice. From matching you with the right PAs or NPs for your surgical needs to helping you understand how to bill correctly to get maximum reimbursements from the insurance companies, Utilization Solutions does it all.

We can do this because we have firsthand experience as practicing PAs and NPs and as practice owners, so we understand the challenges facing your practice. Few other healthcare consultants and medical practice management firms offer such diverse experience.

Learn more about our services today.

Specialty PAs or NPs for Your Surgical Practice

As a surgeon, you need Physician Assistants who are uniquely qualified to help with your specific area of practice. At Utilization Solutions, we specialize in matching you with and working with specialty Surgical PAs or NPs, including:

  • Orthopedic Surgery Physician Assistants
  • Cardiothoracic Physician Assistants
  • Cardiovascular Physician Assistants
  • Neurosurgery Physician Assistant
  • Pediatric Surgery Physician Assistants
  • And other surgical PA specialties…

Are You Ready to Discover the Benefits of Using Surgical Physician Assistants?

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