Challenger Business of Medicine for PAs Course

Product Description

Challenger Business of Medicine for PAs is concise and entertaining set of video presentations designed to help physician assistants understand critical business management skills, procedures, and guidelines so they can positively impact their practice’s effeciency and bottom line. Lisa P. Shock, MHS, PA-C, President/CEO of Utilization Solutions in Healthcare, Inc. and expert instructor, created this clinically-driven, narrated course to cover a variety of settings and the rational decision-making processes involved in physician assistant practice, which includes many expert tips that can save PAs time, money, and trouble.

When this stimulating education is completed, the typical physician assistant can realize a 25-40% improvement in auditing and billing outcomes, fewer chart rejections, and a greatly reduced risk of investigational audit.

Course learning objectives:
  1. Define advanced practice as it pertains to physician assistants.
  2. Understand the concepts of collection rate, payor mix, reimbursement rates, and accounts receivable as they relate to the financial stability of a practice.
  3. Identify the necessary components of practice sustainability, including organization, practice management, human resources, billing/collections, and overhead.
  4. Define coding and differentiate between types of codes.
  5. Recognize the importance of documentation as it pertains to physician assistants.
  6. Distinguish between service, testing, and procedural codes.

Challenger Business of Medicine for PAs includes nearly 2 hours of audio-visual instruction (13 video segments) and a 10 Q&A interactive quiz offering 1.0 AMA category 1 CME credit.

Challenger Business of Medicine for PAs Table of Contents

Price: $195.00

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