General Consulting


Do you have questions about using Physician Assistants (PAs) or Nurse Practitioner (NPs) in your practice? We can help.

You get one-one-one consulting where we’ll address all of your questions to help you better understand how to utilize PAs or NPs to make your practice thrive.


This  includes:

  • One-on-one Q&A consulting sessions
  • Minimum 2 hours consulting (can be one block or divided into 30-minute increments)

No matter what your questions are, we can help. We can address questions regarding physician supervision, regulation in your state, general reimbursement issues, and much more.

Ready to get the information you need to maximize the benefits of PAs or NPs for your practice?

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Which Package is best for my Practice?


Why Choose Us?

At Utilization Solutions, the thing that sets us apart is our firsthand experience both as practicing PAs or NPs and as practice owners. We understand your needs, we know how to make PAs or NPs more efficient, and we know how to make practices more profitable. This makes us uniquely qualified to understand the challenges your practice is facing and to create solutions for using PAs or NPs to grow your practice on every level.

Let us help you:

  • Increase profits—PAs or NPs are sound investments that can save your practice money and allow you to see more patients. Ask us how to ensure your PAs or NPs are used in the most profitable manner.
  • Achieve higher patient satisfaction levels—Keeping your patients happy is the key to creating a loyal client base. PAs or NPs can spend time with patients, reduce waiting time, and answer patients’ questions to keep them happy.
  • Reduce your workload— PAs or NPs have gone through strict medical training to ensure they’re flexible enough to handle a wide range of medical tasks. Whether you need another medical professional on hand to handle walk-in patients or to provide urgent care, your PA/NP can help. As a result, your average work day is just a little less tiring.

Want to learn more about how PAs or NPs can help your practice thrive?

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Customize Your Package With These Upgrades & Add-ons

Add these services to any package, or just purchase them individually to meet your needs!

  • Electronic Health Record Consultation and Assessment of Quality Improvement Program Initiatives—Improve patient care, streamline your operations, and explore quality improvement programs that will incentivize your practice.
  • Health care reform preparation—Are you ready for the new challenges? Discover how PAs or NPs can be part of your health care delivery team with this customized approach.
  • Long-term coding, billing, and documentation review—Get more money on insurance reimbursements

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